Shadow play Dofus Kamas is only when you have a nvidia gpu Mar-09-2020

Shadow play Dofus Kamas is only when you have a nvidia gpu. If you do have a nvidia gpu, I would go with shadow play as it's more straightforward to use The file size depends on the quality you want to record at and for how long, you should be fine with 3tb. You can also delete the recording if you run out if space, this is if you like to keep the recordings in the first place.

Use audacity to record audio, lower the pc audio boost, theres a cheap mic called bm 800. You ca remove or reduce background noise on audacity, and use it to normalize audio all over the track.

Thank you that is a concern for me since I dont have a dedicated game room or anything and I have a husky and a rotti and dont really want people to hear the dogs talking while I'm recording and what not.

Don't forget to record in full screen, this is way better than recording the home bar. Put your game on high quality and enable the animation while fighting.To record I think the best way is Shadow Play by Nvidia if you have Nvidia Video Card. If not go for OBS Studio wich is free and very good.

Will do was wondering I have two monitors so would obs or shadow play just capture the one dofus is on while the other one can have the questline guides up and what not?I heavily recommend the Rode NT USB for a microphone, I think the quality is amazing (you can hear me use it on my own channel Bamis) and it requires no setup whatsoever! Just plug it in and boom it's all set and super simple.

He already has a headset, so the next step would be a proper microphone. This one is amazing, reasonably priced and does not require any extra audio interface. If you have a cheaper microphone with good quality and durability to recommend, that's great, but I don't see why he should get a halfassed mic that isn't quite that good. I'm no expert though, so please tell me if I'm wrong.

Yeah I watched a few videos and it inspired me you and dofus reflex and that made me happy because when I was younger I used to always wish there were more english content creators for dofus. I'm not to knowledgable since I have been gone from the game for 5 years but I would like to record my progression and just show people even if you dint have a 200 end game set or if you are purely doing quests how it is possible to get to where you want goal is to aim for 110m or so for end game set and try to get emerald crimson turq ebony abyssal and ivory Buy Kamas Dofus Retro.