Some problems about Dofus Kamas Feb-15-2022

Bug on Dofus Kamas: Connection issue, change DNS

Everything appeared to be working out in a good way and tragically, some association issues showed up for the Orange players of Dofus Retro. To associate without bugs on Temporis, you should change your DNS!

Orange doesn't appear to be lenient with regards to Dofus. The administrator to be sure squares the association with the game in the event that you utilize its DNS. Have confidence, a (very self-evident) arrangement as per Logan regardless of whether test is to transform them.

2 DNS arrangements are accessible to you: those of CloudFlare ( or Google ( In the two cases, it will be an issue of changing the steering arrangement of your bundles. The methodology changes starting with one working framework then onto the next:

Windows: Network and Sharing Center > Change connector settings. Right-click on your association > Properties > Internet Protocol Version 4. At long last change the Preferred DNS Server and Alternate DNS Server boxes. ( x2 for CloudFlare, and for Google). Ubuntu (or other Linux appropriations under Gnome): System Settings > Network > Options > IPV4 or IPV6 > DNS Mac: System Preferences > Network > Advanced > DNS (make sure to approve).

You should show restraint! Notwithstanding various measures to restrict them (limitations on admittance to the main servers, membership required, 8 servers accessible), the Dofus Retro group was simply ready to lessen the issue! Try not to change your IP (playing on a train or changing from your 4G to your WIFI) to stay away from any separation, which you can Buy dofus kamas normally.