Temporis 5 - Save and offer your card mixes! Oct-18-2021

With the appearance of the fifth period of Temporis servers and Ecaflip maps, we are giving the local area an apparatus to save and share card blends to help players in their insane experiences in EcaflipCity.

On the event of this fifth period of Temporis servers and to carry a local area perspective to the experience, or basically permit players to save their fascinating mixes, we are setting up a vaporous space on JOL-Dofus which will vanish simultaneously as Temporis V.

This space permits you to make, record (freely or not) or look for mixes of buy DOFUS kamas to develop during these two months at ÉcaflipCity.

As shown over, the space adjusts to your decisions: you can save a blend secretly, and remain quiet about it on the off chance that it appears to be vital or fascinating to you, or decide to make it noticeable to the eyes. everybody to help the entire local area.

At the point when you make a blend, it is compulsory to enter the cards that make it, just as the article that you get and furthermore in what amount. For sure, it will be feasible to acquire consumables through these blends and players won't get them individually, yet in groups.