The 2022 World Cup on Dofus Feb-10-2022

In corresponding with the KTA and following on from the Zeste Cup, Sledax is putting together another global competition: the Dofus World Cup. 16 locales in play, you should Buy dofus kamas more make you stronger in this game. come and backing yours!

This year 2022 is set under the indication of eSport for Dofus Kamas! As the last of the Zeste Cup coordinated by Su7 and Sledax approaches, the last option is as of now declaring another competition and not the least: the 2022 Dofus World Cup.

Free of the KTA, not subsidiary with Ankama and open to everybody, this opposition should moor our dear mmo somewhat more in the scene of French eSports upheld by its local area.

In the event that you are quick to wear the shades of your country/area as high as could really be expected, feel free to enroll from February thirteenth!

During enlistment, players should introduce themselves with a group of three individuals for their nation of home. Anything the ethnicity, beginning or time spent in a nation of a contender, he should shield the shades of his present country during this World Cup!

The last stages will consequently go against 16 groups, one from every district, in an exemplary 3v3 contest during the BO3 Draft. To qualify, a smaller than expected competition will be coordinated on Monday, February 21 to choose the groups from a similar district and discover which one will have the pleasure of taking part in the last section. The arrangement of this capability stage isn't yet known yet ought to be conveyed rapidly.