The DOFUS program in 2021 Sep-10-2021

To advise the players about the year 2021 concerning the different Dofus projects for which he is dependable, Logan, the Producer of the Dofus 2, Retro Dofus and Dofus "Solidarity" games took the floor to discuss the arranging concerning them and the progressions made to what exactly is normally proposed, specifically to the mood of the arrival of updates.

To commend the consolidation of single-account workers, exercises and occasions will be coordinated with the goal that players can win certain houses and walled in areas. The declaration ought to be finished right away.

The year 2021 will likewise be a continuation of what could be presented in 2020, in particular upgrades to specific interfaces and better ergonomics to give considerably more solace.

Content of the game at no other time enacted and uncovered to players can be utilized in future activitys, and new Dungeon Farmers will be presented to the local area. As an update, these occasions permit you to get a prize safeguard from a particular prison attendant in the event of triumph against him in his prison.

At first anticipated 2020, the substance related with the buy DOFUS kamas Ivory and Dofus Ebony is a major point for 2021. These two Dofus alongside the prisons of Ilyzaelle and Qu'Tan and their individual beasts will show up when they are prepared. To guarantee this, a beta test eliminate will be carried on a committed worker. This will be a chance to test these substance and take out any issues and bugs before they are made accessible to whatever number individuals as could reasonably be expected on the authority workers.