​The Kamas Dofus Retro game is much more active Jun-16-2020

The Kamas Dofus Retro game is much more active in later levels, say above 70-80 and well into the 100s. However, I enjoyed my time the most pre-100s definitely.

Definitely give it a try if your a fan of tactical-turn based, player driven economy, player created content, endless amounts of things to do and one of the most diverse class systems I have seen. Everything works if built right or if you just want to have fun.

I started a few weeks ago and played about 100 hrs then stopped. The combat and art are amazing. I just felt kinda lost? The game doesn't point much out and it's kind of obtuse sometimes so you just end up feeling a little purposeless. I also realllllly didn't like the crafting and gear system.

it's niche, been around a long time, don't see it going anywhere any time soon. i've never heard anything bad about it or wakfu tbh.

I played that for years and is one of my most played and loved game but this is done for me i have tryed go back a few times but can't stay... But is a realy nice game to give a try, thats the only playable game on this style i can found in years and i searched a lot..

You buy them from resource market (why not at eq market? - no idea). Different idols boost enemies in various ways - for example dynamo idol increase monster mp, others will boost their dmg, some will debuff you - all in Exchange for increased exp/loot. No pain no gain.

Yeah and also u can open encyklopedy to check all idols that u can get also u have idols withone works for solo or groups So read the descriptions carefully and check the lvl of idol if ur high enought.

Uhm i said Im using idols when Im hunting. but not to good ones xP u can see in vid what Im using rn only didnt use idols in dungeon just becouse i didnt remmember how the bosses are in theme. now Im trying to cheap Dofus Kamas find some nice places to xp as my water pandawa.have any ideas for monsters and an ok idol set up?

Didn't watch the whole thing tbh :p For idols id use dynamos and oafs (depending on how comfortable you feel with grades of them) - for start id use minor dynamo, minor Oaf anf normal Oaf (or minor behelit), then gradually get more dynamos and better version of oafs. So id use 2x dynamos, 3x oafs and Nekineko. 

Good place to level is passage to brakmar (entrance at - 2,13) till lvl 140. 140-200 in ecaflipus, Elevation Stones - mobs there dont have respawn delay, so you can farm one map nonstop. To use full potential of no resp delay, fight only groups of 1-2 mobs. I used this technique on my hupper, and with melee idols as sac. In Elevation Stones, 150m exp/h as hupper, 200+m/h as sac.

No worries Im sorry u didnt like vid to watch it to end.i have rn i think around 130 score just to get use to alot stronger mobs. gonna try passage to brakma tomorrow.Im trying to learn pandawa rn from 0 on my own becouse i never played him before,and trying to sort out right mobs for my to xp on Im trying to be long range on my water pandawa You think its best or should i swap idols for close range fight? Every tips help me improve in that game.Thanks for ideas to what to do.