The makers of Wakfu and Dofus Dec-03-2021

In a place where there is enchanted animals, a princess Dofus Kamas a mythical serpent's little girl become a close acquaintence with. With its enchanting plans and conventional liveliness, this film motivated commonly can be found in performance centers from December 15.

Poil is a young lady raised by a strong mythical serpent. Yet, when her dad needs to pay for the Witchcraft his second most valuable belonging, it is Fur he offers, diving his little girl into endless misery and driving her to escape the family buckle.

Rooster a-doodle Doo ! Princess Dragon is made in France, created by the autonomous organization Ankama. Behind this name known to gamers is stowing away specifically Anthony Roux, nicknamed Tot, to whom we owe the making of the universe called Krozmoz, where the computer game Dofus and the enlivened series Wakfu occur. Next to him, Jean-Jacques Denis, previous storyboarder who became overseer of the vivified series Dofus and the film Dofus Book 1: Judith.

With this unique story, which is essentially focused on little ones, the two long-lasting companions honor the conventional stories of their youth, in a straightforward however ageless situation and gratitude to charming characters. The two little courageous women are adorable and meet in transit the Sorcenouille (frog-witch), the humorous Fiduval horse or even the irritating Albert.

The topic of fellowship fills in as a setting to this tale, which handles in little buy DOFUS kamas different subjects, for example, the organized marriage for which the princess is predetermined, the warlike soul of the King, the report to nature and an all inclusive profound quality: cash doesn't purchase joy.