The most fantastic bug fix show up, with a long beta Aug-05-2021

Ankama is about to launch a child in addition to big patch which should fix hundreds of bugs on the servers. A beta longer than usual will be launched as well as a Q&A session on Twitch.

Teased for months, the new update 2.59 of Dofus has finally presented. It will mainly focus on fixing very large bugs in the game and to fine-tune these fixes, a longer-than-usual beta will be launched at an undisclosed resumption date. It will last a month, the time for the players to be able to analyze the many changes planned.

This very special update, with no new content, had been in the containers for a long time. Beta 2.59 will last 1 month, a period during which we will follow with particular consideration the feedback from players, mainly to verify that what has been corrected and tested for the first time in our test environment actually behaves as we expected at the players. We will also be very attentive to all regression bugs which are malfunctions introduced by the application of a patch ... It seems atypical said like that, but on a game that has the longevity of buy DOFUS kamas (thanks to its passionate community and to the relentless struggle of his team) this unfortunately shows up regularly.

All classes will be affected by the amendments, and Ankama announces in particular a change for the Sacrier class, which should obtain a rebalancing of child interactivity

We can already desperate you that this one will be modified in 2.59 and that all the envisaged improvements will be available in beta stage. The full changelog on the changes to the class will be available when the beta opens.

Another very significant point of this huge amendment fix, the Wells of Infinite Dreams

We are making numerous fixes for the operation, but also for the modifiers. Between the concerns of incompatibility between the monsters, the functioning of the modifiers (dream, nightmare or paradox), the score and sometimes simply concerns of translations, it is about a hundred amendments which are made and which will greatly improve your course in the PSI.

Note that the publisher also plans to touch the matchmaking and customer of the game which will be overhauled and whose exhibitions will be improved. For the classes alone, Ankama counts nearly 300 bugs which will be corrected, which gives the scale of the task to the worldwide.