To praise its 20th commemoration Dec-12-2021

To praise its 20th commemoration, Ankama is putting together the biggest Dofus Kamas occasion throughout the entire existence of Twitch, Amazon's streaming stage. This Saturday, December 18, from 7 pm, observe prestigious decorations contending collectively during "The Ultimate Battle", a conflict between 10 players from Bonta and 10 players from Brakmar gathered into groups of 3 and 4.

The Ultimate Battle can be followed on Twitch on the LeStream channel, yet in addition on Twitter. The onlookers will be more than sets of eyes and ears during this extraordinary showdown. What's more in light of current circumstances, they can likewise partake in the occasion, in their own particular manner. By supporting their beloved group, these protectors dependent on Bonta or Brakmar will actually want to straightforwardly affect the occasions that happen on the screen. Even better, there are gifts to be won all through this Ultimate Battle.

Hitche Shield, never-before-seen Twitch Drops all through the occasion, Dragoune, Logitech G packs, Crunchyroll participations: supporting your beloved group can likewise procure you incredible gifts as the Kwismas occasions approach. Regardless of whether you are an intense protector of the #CiteBlanche or a go getter supporter of the #CitySombre, you will actually want to get your hands on wonderful presents, while the Zouloux and DFG decorations will perseveringly project this conflict between Barbe-Douce, Caelan, Deotoons , Deujna, HenryTran, Humility, Huz, Joyca, Kaatsup, Kennystream, Linca, Newtiteuf, Nikof, Nozadah, Sapeuh, Sardoche, Skyyart, Sofyan, Sora ... You will likewise track down two shock visitors, including a YouTuber notable for his enthusiasm for Dofus.

During this exceptional occasion, these pretty much prepared decorations in the World of Twelve will in some cases need to guard a city against a swarm of beasts, now and then collect a greater number of assets than the rival group while opposing the last option's assaults. Clearly, a front facing a conflict will be normal. Both on Twitch and on Twitter, go ahead and support your beloved group overall quite well, utilizing the help messages shared by Ankama:

As an update, this Ultimate Battle between 10 players from Bonta and 10 players from Brakmar will occur on Saturday, December 18, from 7 p.m., on Twitch on the LeStream channel. A remarkable occasion where observers can likewise participate. In view of their Twitch and Twitter cooperation, fans will straightforwardly affect how the game unfurls. Taking part will likewise be inseparable from gifts. From the Hitche safeguard to the well known Dragoone so wanted buy DOFUS kamas from the Ankama-Shop, including the Crunchyroll membership and Logitech G sets, Kwismas will be praised a hair ahead of time this year.