​What chic to accept in Dofus Retro Oct-11-2019

So I'm gonna accord awakening a try this week-end, but I'm still not abiding which chic to go for.

When I acclimated to play, I was mostly focused on leveling jobs and accepting money.

Commerce is utimatly what interets me in this game. But I still wish a chic that I'll like. Here's basically what I'm searching for :

- Something that's able to acreage abandoned (I play abandoned a lot), almost safe and/or fast.

- Something that does accident (I like characters that can bowl some damage, in all games. I don't absolutely like abutment classes).

- I don't wanna play cra, could cause like, it's too stronk, feels like cheating.

What do you anticipate I should go for ? I acclimated to play a lot of Ecaflip, and some Osamodas, aback in the day, kamas dofus retro but I'm absorbed in spycing things up.