Which is a lot of work for Dofus Kamas Jan-21-2020

There are ways of writing better profanity filters, but they require large dictionaries and cleverness, which is a lot of work for Dofus Kamas something that you can still probably bypass by doing something like AiSiSiHiOiLiE or something similar.

I think I've seen somewhere have a whitelist rather than a blacklist, so all correctly spelled English words are allowed. Seems to be the only way to avoid just spelling them differently.

Will it also have everyone in the world's name in it, and all place names in the world, including potentially offensive ones? And if it's an online game, will it have everyone's handle in it? I can't see how a whitelist could ever be feasible.

Besides, some potentially offensive words are legitimate words. Where do you draw the line? Gay is a perfectly fine word and some people are gay, and there's nothing wrong with that. But if you put "gay" on the whitelist, then you bet some people will use it as an insult. So you don't put it on the whitelist, and now gay people are offended that you've censored them.

That would at least solve the problem of the filter catching false positives (mostly). But nothing will solve the real problem: the filter flat out doesn't work.It is called poor coding. I would say it is an unintended effect put I'm sure this is working as it was intended. Just who ever coded it didn't feel like taking the time to make sure legitimate names didn't also get censored.Not sure if it's still a thing, but some Pokemon games have prevented you from

changing the nickname of your Cofagrigus back to its original name, for the same reason.

WHOA no way! I only just now started frequenting reddit for funnies this September, so I'm still a bit of a newborn here (My account says I've been on reddit for a year, but I only made an account for pokemon trading back then).

But that's so fantastic to hear! I am glad that the fanbase is so big and growing! Aww and thank you! Yes, I make them for the charity streams. I never have time for anything on my etsy shop anymore though, as college is getting pretty intense! Once I get a breather I may toss some vineshrooms back up on the shop.

He has 3-5 thousand viewers on twitch for every single stream (even the shitty ones)! You can't tell me that doesn't mean he is popular!That's so great! I want them to be more and more popular. I just haven't run into a lot of his fans in real life or happen upon them online. That's what I was trying to say. Wiki link for the unaware. It is a not uncommon problem with censoring words inside of other words.

The problem is named after the Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro town of Scunthorpe, which has had issues being censored online.When the original Everquest added its filter, it started censoring the word Jewellery, one of the games crafting professions, because of the word Jew which is sometimes used as an insult.