Who was the must difficult Dofus Kamas to have Jan-07-2020

Almost only solo fights, there is just 2 complicated things (the drop of the "Parangon" and the drop in the songes) but I have it 1 week after the MAJ while I'm working everyday all day long. So I think this dofus is accessible for "everybody" (of course you have to be lvl 200 & have to know the game). That's maybe too easy for the vulbis, who was the must difficult Dofus Kamas to have. Anyway, the quests are fun !

Also if you don't mind me asking, how long approximately (in hours) would it take to complete the whole questline and is it doable solo?


You need a couple of anomaly pre requisites. Check them out on dofuspourlesnoobs but they're nothing TOO complicatedThere's no real prefequisties, just a few quest really easy. I don't know, maybe 10 hours ? But it's a matter of luck. The most difficult is the drop. You can have the items in 1 hours like in 1 week....

A lot of fight are solo, so yes that's a "solo" dofus. But for the dropp, you really need a team.

Did you use idols when you were doing infinite dream? Have you dropped any of the three quest items without using idols?? Also if anyone is interested to joining me in infinite dream in Echo for this quest let me know.

There's no real prerequisties. You have to do the quest of the anomalies, that's new and I started them last week-end, you have to be lvl 200 in a job, I wasn't but I up last night, the last "prerequisties" is to have the dofus ocre but you can get around this prerequisite by paying an PNJ.

A non-player character. I don't know the term in English. and yes, we can circumvent this prerequisite, it's what allowed me to finish the quests!

That quest on echo it's not an easy one to finish I have found :/ unless theres something I'm not understanding about how to finish that quest. Trying to do it on a 200 character, far as I understood you have to do a 190/200 area anomaly I think that's different now, you have to do an anomaly, no matter the lvl. However, I did a lvl 200, of course you have to think a bit (I wasn't alon I was with some friends) but's that's not that hard. after that obviously depends on the level and time invested of each. I have been asked to compare the difficulty of this dofus with others, and I think it's well more simple than the last dofus implanted (ivory, ebony, forgelave).

This isnt really an mmo you can play right now but its gonna release maybe next year its called Arcane Waters maybe youll like it.

Thanks for the recommendation. I signed up for Beta. We shall see if I get an invite somewhen.

There is Pirate101 which is closer to a tactics like game for combat. Sadly KI seems to have basically stopped development on it. I felt it was the better of the 101 games.

MMO and turns don't mix. You can't have the Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro entire server wait for someone's turn, so you have to instance battles. And at this point the game is not even a MMO anymore.