Would be too much for a world like Dofus Kamas Mar-25-2020

Optimization and new features use to be developer's job, while 2D models & art in general use to be just artist' job. A graphic improve (or, let's say, changing the art-style of the game to stylized) shouldn't worry programmers, so wouldn't delay new features (unless a programmer works in art too, which shouldn't be de case).

Being said that, Waven looks "pretty" because is minimalist. IMO, that type of art-style would be too much for a world like Dofus Kamas; would loose its appeal.

The game client hasn't been localized in english yet, but you can install the alpha from the ankama launcher.

It seems to have a lot of card game mechanics (with randomness of spells drawn every turn) so I'm a lot less interested in it than I was.

I tried it a bit - not a fan. I was really hoping for a proper predecessor to dofus. If nothing else I hope they gut a lot of the assets as they already seem to have been doing & update dofus further.

While I like Krosmaga's graphic, it kinda displeases me how they're going for thin limbs on waven like in the original Wakfu.

I played for a few minutes and did several matches, indeed it's card like play style and I assume there is a way to predict which spells you get next turn but it is all still really unclear as it is in French and we'll mine doesn't go further than ordering a coffee and a bun so...

Also you can choose, for example, 5 different designs/types/elements of classes and those designs really DO kick ass.

You can also choose up to 4 companion's (sort of like Dofus sidekicks) who basically give your character extra bonuses (such as extra AP, or AP reduce on several single element spells, shields, cures etc).

As for now the alpha only lets you choose your class/design and 1vs1 PvP matches.

Also to show people as I go along how I learn to make kamas with gathering resources and drops. I'm not sure anyone will really be mind blown by what I record but if it helps one person it's worth it for me.

If you have a Nvidia card, you can use Shadowplay to record, it is straightforward.You can also use OBS Studio, a lot more customizable. Those two software record at an amazing quality, for AMD, it looks nit that good but is enough for YouTube. For the mic, you can always do commentaries after the record, I personally record without sounds.

Ankama reuse art asset and ideas between game all the time, like Krosmaga getting the dwarf first, then they came out on Dofus. Or Wakfu having the Croco isle or the ghoul zone years ago.

I doubt there's a justification for haven bag in Buy Kamas Dofus Retro other than it was a good idea that was a safe bet.

This wont have been the first time theyve changed the lore. My bet would be, they will justify it that Haven Bags did exist prior to Ogrest, and Enutrof gave an abundance of Haven Bags after the flooding started. That is just my two cents on how they will change it.